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Attention: Pre Order - Cards will be delivered in late Q4-2022!
Grading: Includes the grading of your collectible card, a report, a registry in our database and a sealed case. 
Authentication: Includes the authentication of your collectible card, a report, a registry in our database and a sealed case.
Renew: You will get a new slab, label and report for your already graded card by Collectibles Grading.

*Picture for presentation, card not included
**All pictures are 3D-Renderings, real product may change slightly


- Pokémon

- Dragonball Super

- Digimon Card Game

- Weiss Schwarz

- Flesh & Blood

- Magic The Gathering

- MetaZoo

- One Piece Card Game

Topps, Panini and Yu-Gi-Oh will follow after the official release.

Graded cards will be delivered in late Q4 2022. Further information will follow on Mail or on our Instagram.

1.) Add needed amount of products to your cart.

2.) Add card names + number + year or set to your shopping-cart notes.

3.) Proceed to checkout with your preferred payment option.

4.) Send the cards to us - you will find the delivery address in your order mail together with your printable receipt. You can also send them at a later moment. We will contact you about one month before the deadline.

5.) We will keep you updated by e-mail.

Free shipping for all orders of 90 EUR and above.

Austria: Free Shipping

Germany: 8,90 EUR

European Union: 12,90 EUR


The all new designed case fits our needs perfectly. You can expect higher quality than ever before. With the frosted elements on the frame of the slab your collectible card is always in the spotlight.

SAME Concept

Our grading guidelines and final grades stay the same. We are still using different frame colors for higher grades. The paper report has been improved and is still shipped with every card.

Improved label

With our new lasersystem we are able to create even better labels. The readability will improve dramatically. The new slab allows us to use higher quality materials. The label thickness has been increased from 0,2mm to 3,2mm. This leads to always perfectly centered labels. Additionally we have added a barcode to help sellers and big collectors managing their slabs more easily.

fits the market

We have kept the same size as before. Just the thickness increased to 7mm. Due to this most of the accessories (e.g. boxes, sleeves, etc.) on the market will work with our slab.

added security

Besides our optimized label we have added an embedded logo to our case. The new logo engravement at the bottom of the slab is not disturbing and gives the overall look a unique touch.

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