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For our calculation we check and rate the surface, centering, edges and corners for both, front and back of your card. Every card is treated equally and follows the same criterias. Subgrades are always included and available in our database or on the delivered paper report. Each area has a different weighting.


30% weighting

The centering of your card is measured digitally. Rotation is not measured, therefore we are measuring the centering from the worst spot on your card. Even though 30% weighting may seem high at first sight, the impact of this subgrade is most of the time only noticable on cards that have the potential to get a total grade of 10-Flawless.


30% weighting

Inspection for scratches, creases, printdots, printlines and other issues on the surface of your card. The surface is being inspected by our experienced grader in combination with different light sources or even a microscope if needed.


20% weighting

Each corner is being checked on whitening and other damages. Additionally, the cut of the corner is an important factor. We are using a microscope to grade this part of your collectible card properly.


20% weighting

The edges of your card are examined for whitening, silvering and other major damage or alteration. It is being counted by dots or by centimeters, depending on the amount of the damage.

The front of your card has an impact of 66,67% on your final grade - the back is being considered with 33,33%. However, the final grade can only be higher by 1,5 grades than the lowest subgrade.

If your card matches a specific characteristic, it may be considered as one of our qualifiers. Each qualifier is connected to a subgrade of the card, which is then cut out of the calculation. The code is noted on the label next to the grade and can be looked up in the database. Unfortunatly qualified cards are no longer able to get graded 10.

Below you can find a summary of our grading scale and qualifiers.

Our labels are made out of four individual pieces. Three of those pieces have to be lasered out of a plastic material which is made for engravings. This material is essential to give the finished product its unique touch. In the same step we engrave all the text, the QR-Code and the frame on the back of the label. In the final step we assemble all parts and add our holographic seal.

Four colors

Higher grades benefit from frames with a precious metal look. You can find a picture below.


The front plate includes all important details of your card.

Direct Link

The QR code on the back leads you directly to the correct database entry.

CO₂ laser system

We are using one of the most advanced CO₂-laser engravers on the market. With this machine we are able to offer the best quality for every label at highest speed.


As already too much plastic is being wasted in the hobby, we have decided to be as economical as possible with the packaging. Everything is made out of paper and cardboard.


The inlays are made with our laser. They fit up to 6 or 12 cards. If less cards are ordered, we top it off with pieces of cardboard. This way nothing is moving during transport.

Paper Report

Our paper report is delivered with every card. It includes all details from the database.

our promise

Everyone at Collectibles Grading has a passion for cards and knows what it's all about.
Every card is being treated like our own. Your cards are only being touched with gloves and are always stored in their delivered protection.

Cards do not only have a monetary value - there is also an emotional value. 
Therefore, every card is being handled the same. No matter what they cost.

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