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Our labels are made out of four individual pieces. Three of those pieces have to be lasered out of a special material that we are using. In the same step we engrave all the text, the QR-Code and the back frame. In the final step we assemble the parts by hand and add our holographic seal.
We have decided to use different colors for the higher gradings. A golden-colored frame is only used for flawless cards, a silver one for mint cards, bronce for near mint and black for lower gradings. 


On the back of the label you will see a lasered black frame. With the holographic security seal we add more uniqueness. You can see it through the cut-outs. Additionally, we added a QR-Code which leads you directly to the database entry.



For our calculation we check and rate the surface, centering, edges and corners for both, front and back of your card. Every card is treated equally and follows the same criterias. Each area has a different weighting which adds up in one of the following endresults:
Lower gradings than 4 are no longer possible and result automatically in an authentic grade.
Surface and centering weight the most with 30% each. Edges and corners add in with 20% each. The front of the card has more impact on the final grade than the back. 
Due to our grading guidelines the final grade of the card can only be higher by 15% than the lowest sub-grading. You can find your detailed sub-gradings on the delivered paper report or in our database.

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