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Happy Birthday! 1 Year Anniversary - Gradings for 15 EUR per card!


Submit your collectible cards now at a reduced price and receive them in Q4-2022.

At CGS we grade your card with highest care. We are combining high tech tools and collector-experience to ensure an accurate grading.

All our labels are laser cut. This way we can provide the same quality and readability on each of them. The laser is essential for our unique CGS four-layered labels.ย 

We are using ultrasonic-welding technology to seal our cases. This is the safest and cleanest way for your cards.

Each grading is recorded in a database. The entry opens by typing in the card number or scanning the QR code on the back of your case.

Additionally, a physical report is being shipped with your cards.

We know that you want your cards back as soon as possible. At CGS you can expect a fast service - for both, grading and customer support.

Impressions from all over Europe

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